Pieronymus Kosch
  • 68, Male
  • Szigetszentmiklos
  • Hungary
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Pieronymus Kosch

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Profile Information

About Me:
I am the founder of Pieronymus Art Network

Peter Alfred KOSCH alias Pieronymus
Graphic artist, painter, illustrator
(born in Budapest, 06.01.1948)
1963-67: Gymnasium of Arts, Budapest
1975-80: Studied at the University of Applied Arts in Budapest, by Zoltán Nagy, and János Kass.

1986: Calendar Award, 3. prize, 1992: City Nagykörös, Goldene Medaille
Study trips: Siebenbürgen, Leningrad, Leipzig, Hamburg, Stockholm, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Wien, Helsa, Köln.

Meine Arbeiten sind moderne Grotesken, die ihren Ursprung in der archaischen Kunst Osteuropas und in der dekorativen ungarischen Volkskunst haben.
Ich habe mehrere Bücher (u.a. auch Kinderbücher) illustriert für ungarischen und auch für internationalen Verlagen.
Zongora Bill és a madárijesztők (Piano Bill und die Vogelscheuchen), 1981
Zöld Ördög (Der grüne Teufel), 1982
Fejrezge Alfonz (Alfons Zitterbacke), 1986
Madárasszony (Die Vogelfrau - Ungarische Volksmärchen), 1986
Botrány a suliban (Skandal in der Schule - Buch für Jugendliche), 1987
Számítógép-detektív (Der Computer-Detektiv), 1987
Feketekéz bandája (Die Bande vom Schwarzen Hand), 1990
Ikertündérek (Die Zwillinsfeen - Ungarische Volksmärchen), 1990
Hüvelyk Matyi (Der kleine Däumling), 1990
Bevezetés a pszichológiába (Einführung in die Psychologie - Lehrbuch), 1997
Tinédzser Protokoll (Teenager Protokoll), 1998

Member of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists
Member of the Society of Hungarian Illustrators
Mitglied in der Grafipax Künstlergruppe
Leiter des Kunstvereins Insula Szigetszentmiklós

Eine Urkunde (Einzelexemplar) für Jimmy Carter, 2001

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

1982 Town Gallery - Bonyhád / Hungary
1983 János Arany Community Centre - Nagykőrös / Hungary
1985 Ervin Szabó Library Gallery - Budapest / Hungary
1986 Csontváry Gallery - Kiskunhalas / Hungary
1993 The Golden Palette School Gallery - Nagykőrös / Hungary
1995 Budapest / Hungary 2000
Hajdúböszörmény / Hungary
2000 Heilbronn / Germany
2001 Szigetszentmiklós / Hungary
2002 Helsa / Germany
2007 Fót / Hungary

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1981 Budapest / Hungary
1982 Szigetszentmiklós / Hungary
1982 Nagykőrös / Ungarn
1984, 1990, 1995, 1997 Vigadó Galéria, Budapest / Hungary
1985 Moszkva / Russische Föderation
1986 Nagykőrös / Hungary
1987 Bratislava B. I. B. / Slowakei
1988 Jönköping / Schweden
1989 Den Haag, Amsterdam, Köln, Rom
1999 Frankfurter Buchmesse / Germany
2001 Gyergyószentmiklós / Rumänien
2003 Szentendre / Hungary
2004 Szigetszentmiklós / Hungary

Meine Ars Poetica:
“To serve the text of the book at such high level that makes the graphic artist a co-author. Just like a good actor who performs every role in a different way, a good graphic artist too can represent different styles but only one personality and character. A good illustrator is a child, a psychologist, is highly educated, a scientist and an intuitive genius in one person who can sing about the rainbow to the blind text.”

Online Gallery
Are You an artist?
If you're an artist, what kind of art do you make?
Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture
Member type
Artist, Photographer, Painter, Illustrator, Critic
How do you decide on your subject matter?
Do you ask for the topic that I am working on? The topic is important,
but it is not the first consideration. The style always comes first. "Le
style c'est l'homme." isn't it? About my topics I can tell you in my own
way. Simply the suffering-creeping-crawling-greedy skin-bags are
interesting for me: "humans." Even my religious icons are secular,
although I am religious. But in my opinion, Jesus had never been to any
hairdresser… thus if he is tousled, he is more authentic for me. In my art
I am much more interested in the beginning (archaic, primitive, folklore)
than in the end which we have today. These art happenings with dance and
music, these modern forms of throes of death… The modernity is always
something which disappears as fast as possible.

My own style is simply the "spiritual and grotesque one" bizarre or
"pieronymus art." That means, I always look at this grotesque world
through my spiritual eyeglasses, I perform a picture of it in my brain,
and then I create my own, a spiritual grotesque world.

Neither the photorealistic nor the purely abstract art is interesting for
me. I regard both as a visual dead end. I am neither a camera, nor one of
the "ground lubricated with tubes of colours."

I always strive to leave my "own fingerprint."
Your Ning Network:
Which language do You speak?
Hungarian, English, German
Please take a moment to tells us how you heard about Pieronymus Art Network?
I'm Pieronymus. I'm a founder of Pieronymus Art Network.

My works

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At 10:01pm on April 10, 2014, Andronikosz Szandro said…

Úgy tűnik, pár évente összekaparom a széthullott életemet, azután újrakezdek mindent a semmiből. Mindegy, mibe fogok, mindegy, milyen elszántan próbálkozom; úgy tűnik, nem tudok felkapaszkodni a boldogság, a siker és a biztonság szédítően magas csúcsaira, mint mások. Szeretnék elérni egy pontot, amikor egy pillanatra abbahagyok minden munkát, körbenézek, megkönnyebbülten felsóhajtok, és azt gondolom: végre ott vagyok, ahol lenni akartam! Valami hiányzik, tudod? Az életnek az a különleges varázsa, amit éreznem kéne... de a varázslatnak nyoma sincs.

At 9:15pm on February 23, 2013, catgotwasted2 said…

Thanks so much for this excellent space of which people can show their artforms!
I love to come here to my own profile page and listen to my music playlists.
Thanks once more...thanks!

At 6:54pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
THE LAST TWO NING SOCIAL NETWORKS to do for my opinion are:

1- art review with chinese similar one

2- california vip art ning and korea
At 6:53pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
and and in particular a LEGO HERITAGE NING social network also for the same idea connection with PORTAL DESIGN BRAZIL NING and also for industrial art applied things and productions for my opinion could be done among;

At 6:50pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
another possible ning art network for my idea could be done between SWISS and AUSTRIA for FRANCE, AUSTRIA, SWISS AND ROMANIA....

based on green art and architecture and design themes...
also for some requests of musical groups...
At 6:36pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
so my proposal website is MEXICO-JAPAN-UKRAINA-ARAB EMIRATES
At 6:33pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
even if MEXICO could be also abbinated to UKRAINA for ethnological world people passages and signs...
At 6:31pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
i really think that in particular for RUSSIA AND SOUTH AFRICA that constructivism (as what also see in hawaii logos) have a good global improvement and contextualisation..

other three gemeallated social networks in JAPAN-MEXICO AND ARAB EMIRATES could be a good language experiment...
At 6:28pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
you should found in RUSSIA - MOSCOW AND SOUTH AFRICA - CAPE TOWN another two gemellated ning art websites and by another person other three gemellated ning web artistes for similar characters in MEXICO, JAPAN and ARAB EMIRATES
At 5:32pm on February 19, 2013, andrea bozzi said…
hi why dont you found a social network like this also in Moscow-Russia?

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